Centre Console
Throttle Quadrant
Side Views

Centre Console

The Centre console is one of the easiest parts of the whole setup to build, providing you don’t

want to go into too much detail, there are many available on the market already built, usualy made

from aluminium and nicely painted too.

However with a little imagination mine started to take shape like this:

Just using Fibre board and making the bare shell’s of the TQ pedestal, Fire control panel and Radio panel

for starters was easy enough, one of the biggest problems was getting the sizes and dimensions correct,

luckily someone had published the sizes on the web, so a copy could be made as above, this picture shows

it in rough form with the first ‘Comm’ panel in place.

Once I had started to put the whole ‘Cockpit’ together, making piece by piece, placing the centre console was

relatively easy to accomplish, note I still haven’t built myself a TQ yet, still using the Pro Throttle unit at present:

Note the can of ASDA best bitter and a weeee dram too....Must have felt pleased with myself that evening?

As you can see I have also bought an MCP (70% size),from CPFlight along with the 2 Nav radios EFIS and a Comm unit.

In order to “back light” the panels I used the same system as the overhead, using small 12volt bulbs to provide.

Note the small door bell in the corner, this rings when the Fire Alarm is tested!

Yes the fire extinguisher is a real one, and in date too!

So originally built the centre pedestal with “old style” Nav Radios and Transponder, so when the new style ones came out I saved up for a set and replaced them all, along with a full size MCP, EFIS etc.

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Of course the new units aren’t the same size as the old ones, so had to make some surround panels to take up the space, saves making up a whole new console.

Just need to paint them now and fit the screws!

All painted, fitted and lit up like a Christmas Tree !!