Centre Console
Throttle Quadrant
Front & Side Views

Front & Side Views

For the front view I have used a Projector on an old bed sheet to be precise, with a basic wooden frame to hold it at the correct angle for the projector, which is mounted above the sim-pit.

The side views are achieved with the use of 2 x 40” plasma TV’s, they were sold to me by a friend in the TV repair business (the station tuners were knackered but the screens were OK), as they both had VGA inputs they matched up with what I wanted to do.

For those of you who haven’t moved onto P3D yet, please do, unlike FSX the programme remembers where you have put graphics and what size they are (full screen too), so every time you start it up, the screens are in the right places, marvellous programme!

It takes a fare bit of tweaking to get the views to match up and look realistic, but once achieved (and saved) it looks great.

Here are some pictures of the “pit” and the view setup’s. In the first photo, you can clearly see the white screen as its setup in font of the sim and the two 40” plasmas at the sides, the remaining pictures are of various views with all the screens running.

When seen like this the side views do not appear to match up, but the “prospective” is set up from the Pilots’ seat, from there all look in line (which is a problem when dealing with three different displays), if I had more room and a larger “pocket” I would go for three projectors on a curved screen, alas the pocket wont go that far and the attic is too small anyway!

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