Centre Console
Throttle Quadrant
Side Views


The cockpit frame and shape was built up from various drawings found on the Internet, I have made my first start in this picture with just the MIP and Centre console, including my newly hand built TQ.

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The front windows have been built by making a wooden frame to the correct sizes and then “cladding” them with B&Q’s best grey foam pipe heat cladding split tubing.

Novel, but effective?

Still using the CH yoke and pedals on their own at this stage

After building this frame setup and about after a years use I decided that it was all was rather fragile and something more substantial was required, I had seen a frame for sale at the FS Exhibition in Llelystadt and thought, “ I could make one of those myself” !

So I took some measurements from various places and designed my own, had a friend who welded up the frame as you see here!

Only cost me £300!

First fitting of the new frame (old one in the right hand background).

Forward overhead fitted into place and a new rear one made ready for the gap.

No side panels made yet, but on their way.

Side panels are all finished and Manolo from “Hispanels” made me some Chart & Map light panels, what a great guy he is! Also fitted my home made tiller unit back in and ready to go. Just need to fill the gaps at the base of the front windows?

I have now bought myself an ARC welding set (its blue, behind the yellow toolbox) and have constructed wooden frames to test for size, next weld them up in metal !

Front and side windows now bolted to the frame and secure, note the new glare shield wings fitted too!

Now with the front & rear overhead fitted and started to fit the roof covers in, I tried in vane to match some of the very well made interiors on the market, but I suppose that’s why they charge a small fortune for them?

I must admit, its great that I am good with my hands, I certainly couldn’t afford to buy all this stuff off the present suppliers as the prices they quote!

Made a start on the side panels ready for adding the roof, nothing special just hardboard & wood!

There are many drawings on the net and loads of measurements to help us “simmers” to build cockpits, however when I tried to build a set of window frames (front and side), the calculations didn’t add up!

So I got my friend who is a pilot of a 737 800 to measure the inside dimensions of the window frames, no need for the outside, I' me only looking out not in!

Both inner roof panels painted up and finished, ready for final fitting, have made some holes to fit overhead light units too.